Increase in Medicaid Fraud Cases 2018

Fraud Alert – Medicaid Fraud Cases on the Rise

Unlicensed NJ Dentist Convicted In $2 Million Fraud Scheme Luis Omar Vargas was employed at Dental Express Broadway located at ...
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Why Would Medicaid Fraud Investigate You?

Why Would Medicaid Fraud Investigate You?

Why Would Medicaid Investigate You? Receiving a letter from the Human Resources Administration (HRA) indicates that either local or state ...
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How to Report Medicaid Fraud

How to Report Suspected Medicaid Fraud

As of June 2018, Medicaid provides health coverage to over 66.9 million people around the country. This includes but is ...
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Types of Medicaid Fraud

8 Common Medicaid Fraud Convictions

In today’s world, public healthcare programs require a very large expenditure of taxpayer dollars. Put in perspective, programs like Medicare ...
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What Happens When You Lie to Medicaid

What Happens If I’m Caught Lying to Medicaid?

Many people lie in order to gain something. In certain situations, it is important to determine if the gain is ...
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What Is A Target Letter and What Should I Do with It

What Is A Target Letter?

While the term “target letter” is really a blanket term, there have actually existed many different kinds of target letters ...
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Medicaid Fraud Investigation

What Happens During A Medicaid Fraud Investigation?

As of May 2018, nearly 70 million Americans are enrolled in the Medicaid program. Medicaid spending currently exceeds $550 billion ...
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Queens Woman Pleads Guilty to Medicaid fraud

Queens Mom Pleads Guilty to Stealing $70K

Medicaid fraud costs amount to millions of dollars each year, channeling valuable funds away from legitimate health care services to ...
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What Should I Know About the HRA Investigation Process?

Steps Leading Up to the HRA Investigation Process The HRA investigation process can be quite overwhelming especially for Medicaid recipients ...
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Should I Talk to My Medicaid Fraud Investigator?

Medicaid fraud is falsely reporting your financial status in order to illegally obtain Medicaid. Anyone that commits Medicaid fraud is ...
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