Should I Talk to My Medicaid Fraud Investigator?

Medicaid fraud is falsely reporting your financial status in order to illegally obtain Medicaid. Anyone that commits Medicaid fraud is subject to investigation. Most Medicaid fraud cases in NYC are flagged because the individual failed to disclose the full household income, marital status, or living arrangements on their medicaid application. It could also be due to failure to update the agency about an increase in income.

The Investigation

The investigation usually starts off with a letter telling you that you are under investigation for Medicaid Fraud and that you need to appear for an interview with an investigator. The investigator already believes that you have engaged in fraud at this point. During the investigation, the investigator may contact your employers, neighbors, or family to obtain information on you.

What You Should Do

Many people wonder if they should talk to the investigator. It is in your best interest to not speak with the investigator. By answering the investigator’s questions, you may disclose additional information that can be self-incriminating. Any information you provide to investigator, including any documents that they request from you in the letter, may be used against you during investigation. Remember that when scheduling an appointment for you, investigators have already collected lots of information and built the case against you.

Know Your Rights

Many people don’t know their legal rights nor how to act when under investigation. It is important to know that you are not obligated to speak with them and that you have the right to remain silent. Your health care benefits cannot stop solely because you refuse to answer the investigator’s questions. You are entitled to bring an attorney or representative to accompany you in any meetings with the investigator. You also have the right to consult with your lawyer before giving any documents requested by the investigator.

Seek out a Medicaid Fraud Attorney

It is in your best interest that you seek out an attorney. This is the only way to ensure that you do not incriminate yourself. It is really easy to get yourself into deeper trouble that could be prevented with professional help. An attorney can guide you through the investigation, negotiate a settlement between you and the Medicaid fraud investigators, and save you money. You could save yourself from being criminally charged and imprisoned for something that could be resolved by a professional attorney. For expert assistance in Medicaid fraud, don’t delay contacting Attorney Inna Fershteyn. Call us at 718 – 333 – 2395. For more information, visit our website at